About Savings

Janakalyan offers you 22 types of saving with affordable rates. Please take a look at those rates and types below. You can search particular saving type and its rate at the top right search bar.

क्र. सं .विवरण ब्याजदर
नियमित मासिक बचत 8%
ऐच्छिक बचत 6%
दैनिक बचत 5.75%
बालबचत 8.5%
वृद्धावस्था बचत 8%
चाडपर्व बचत 8.5%
आवधिक बचत २ बर्ष 10.35%
आवधिक बचत १ बर्ष 10.60%
आवधिक बचत ६ महिना 10.25%
१० आवधिक बचत ३ महिना 10.20%
११ खुत्रुके बचत 6.5%
१२ जनकल्याण उपहार बचत 7%
१३ रेमिट्यान्स बचत 6%
१४ लघुवित्त मासिक बचत 8%
१५ लघुवित्त ऐच्छिक बचत 6%
१६ लघुवित्त केन्बद्चरीय कोष् बचत 6%
१७ घर निर्माण बचत 7.5%
१८ जग्गा खरिद बचत7.5%
१९ ल्यापटप बचत 7.5%
२० बीमा प्रिमियम भुक्तानी बचत 7.5%
२१ मोटरसाइकल बचत 7.5%
२२ बोनस बचत 4.5%
२३आपतकालीन बचत 6.5%
२४ तिज बचत आवधिक बचत (१ बर्ष को लागि )10.30%

About Loan

SNLoan Type3 Month Installment6 Month Installment1 Year Installment
1Agriculture Load13%13.5%
2Land Purchasing & House Construction Loan14%14.5%
3Social Services Loan14%14.5%
4Emergency Loan13%
5Education Loan12.5%13%
6Business Loan14%14.5%
7Foreign Employment Loan14%14.5%
8Member Guarantee Loan14%14.5%
9Bike Loan15%
10Micro Finance Group Loan14.5%
11Home Appliance Loan14.5%
12Auto Loan14.5%
13Hire Purchase Loan14.5%


We provide various services for online money transfers. Our service is the best known, most secure and reliable online service. You can send or receive money within minute to/from other people around the globe. You pay the lowest fees in the market for your transfer. Recipients do not require a bank account to receive funds.

Type of Money Transfer Services

  • IME Remit
  • Prabhu Remit
  • Himal Remit
  • Western union Remit
  • EZ Remit
  • Money Gram
  • Global Remit
  • Instant cash
  • Cash Xpress
  • Xpress Money
  • Best Remit
  • JME Remit
  • RIA Remit
  • I pay Reliable Remit
  • Siddhartha Remit
  • Century Remit
  • Speed Remit
  • Nabil Remit
  • City xpress


Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Malaysia, Oman, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Korea, UK, US, Australia, HongKong, Singapore, Japan, Kubet, Lebnan, Israel, Maldives, Canada etc. (Worldwide).