Other services provided by Janakalyan Saccos:

Member Protection Service

Every member needs to deposit 300 rupees per year into the member protection service fund(Member welfare fund). In case of members’ death dependent family will be supported with rupees 10,000.00 to 40,000.00 according to the terms and condition of membership period. He/she who becomes members exceeding his/her age 65 will not be liable to participate in this fund and will not be granted the support accordingly.


Money Transfer Service


Janakalyan Saccos has been providing money transfer service being a sub-agent of various remittance companies like IME Remit ,Prabhu Remit,Western Union, CityRemit, Himal Remit and other subsidiary remit etc

Training and education

Janakalyan Saccos provides regular training and education to its members. Cooperative education, training on financial literacy, other skill related training also is being organized targeting to enhance the entrepreneurship.

New born child Support

Janakalyan Saccos provides to our members for new born child allowance Rs.500 upto two child.

Mourning Expenses Support

In case of death of member, Janakalyan Saccos provides 3000 rupees as mourning expenses (Mirtak Rahat) support to the bereaved family member.

Support on calamities

While member faces various natural calamities like earthquake, landslide, flood, fire etc, Janakalyan Saccos provides support to the member in this misery.

Senior Member honor & Manakamna visit

Every year Janakalyan Saccos extents honor with gift and the letter of appreciation to its senior members .And visit to manakamna every year.

Organize Blood donation & Health Comp

Janakalyan Saccos conducts Every year Blood donation & Health Comp.


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About Janakalyan

Janakalyan Savings and Credit Co-operative Limited established under the Co-operative Act 2048, is a financial institution permitted to carry out financial transactions. The head office of which is situated in Malekhu, Dhading. This institution is managed by hilly skilled personnel who have involved in different sector.
The aim of the institution is to provide attractive interest rates to the collected principle and provide loans to honest professionals and entrepreneurs to promote their business, making them capable and independent in competitive financial/Agriculture Development .

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